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    Shanghai printers install DINGYU Non-stop printing system in batches


    Shanghai printers install DINGYU Non-stop printing system in batches

    Since the end of 2018, Shanghai printing companies have shown enough interest and confidence in the DINGYU non-stop printing system after more than a year of observation and understanding. And some Shanghai printing companies began to purchase and install the non-stop printing system of DINGYU. In actual production, DINGYU's non-stop printing system has effectively increased the production capacity of 15%-20% of Shanghai printing companies, and there is no longer downtime for each order, which greatly reduces the waste of raw materials. This is due to the increasing price of raw materials and the increasing environmental protection in China, which has saved Shanghai printing companies a lot of money, and these saved materials will continue to be produ

    The current DINGYU Non-stop system has been upgraded to a suction-type butt roll, which replaces the original self-adhesive rubber roller and is more convenient to operate. DINGYU's proprietary high-precision unwinding diameter inspection system minimizes material waste. And DINGYU has a proprietary non-stop system for each customer's material characteristics, giving customers a perfect non-stop printing experience.

    In the picture, the DINGYU non-stop system is working with the unit-type flexo printing machine of Weigang. The printed material is a 32-micron single-layer film without a liner. The printing work is perfect without stopping the machine. The tension is stable and does not move. Wrinkle.

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