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    DINGYU Non-Stop winding machine full application of Aluminum-plastic,Plastic material printing


    DINGYU Non-Stop winding machine full application of Aluminum-plastic,Plastic material printing

    China Guangdong Province is a well-known cosmetics production base in China. Plastic tube printing plays an important role in the cosmetics industry.

    Plastic hoses, including aluminum-plastic composite materials, all plastic materials, a variety of surface treatment, due to aluminum, plastic and other materials of poor uniformity of thickness, easy plastic deformation led to the printing precision of tension requirements, the stability of the extremely strict requirements Poor stability of tension accuracy, the material is extremely difficult to correct, leading to very slow printing speed. As cosmetics and other consumer goods industry, for the printing of color saturation, gorgeous, precision and demanding, this contradiction has plagued the printing manufacturers.

    DINGYU as China's first Automatic Non-stop splice Winding machinery, tension control has unique advantages and independent intellectual property rights, its excellent experience in tension control applied to the Center Drum rotary machine can be directly tested with DINGYU Non-Stop winding tension control accuracy and stability, and DINGYU the unique experience of plastic hose printing, through the targeted optimization of the control system, making the splice tape strong adhesive, plastic hose of the high tension and plastic hose The low tension can be arbitrarily switched and good stability, curve tension compensation methods are extremely suitable for plastic hose printing. Of course, due to excellent performance of the tension, making the printing press speed up 20% -50%, coupled with non-stop technology, the production efficiency is extremely obvious.

    Before this essay was published, three of our Full Rotary Center Drum printing machine, our key confidential customer, will be fully furnished by the end of 2017, with the equivalent of six Full Rotary Center Drum Equivalent, bring great benefits to the company.

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